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Nest Engineer

Nest Thermostat Installation Service

โ€ข The removal your existing thermostat. If wired the new Nest Thermostat can be situated there.

โ€ข Installation and pairing of the Nest Learning Thermostat and heat link on a compatible heating system.

โ€ข Testing to ensure that the thermostat is correctly installed and heat link is functioning properly.

โ€ขย Pairing to your phoneย and the Nest app. Optional demonstration of how it works with various settings.

We will make sure you’ve got a hang of the basics before we go.

Nest Installer Van

Flexible scheduling Honest Pricing

ยฃ260 Supplied and Installed

ยฃ295 including a Nest Standย 

Combi Boilers, Heat Only Boilers, System Boiler, District Heating, Warm Air Heating System With or Without a Hot Water Tank. All Installed for the same Fixed Price!

Wireless heating systems and properties without a thermostat will require a Nest stand. You can purchase a Nest stand from us for ยฃ35 or supply your own.

Download the apps so you’re ready for your smart thermostat installation

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