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We Can Supply and Install Smart Thermostats
The Google Nest Learning Thermostat
We Can Supply and Install
The Google Nest Learning Thermostat
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Supply and Install Nest Thermostat

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Installation Nest Thermostat

Combi boilers, System boilers, Heat only boilers, S plan, Y plan, Air and Ground source heat pumps, Biomass boilers, District heating, HIU compatible.

The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with most gas central heating boilers with radiators as well as water underfloor heating systems. Not compatible with most electric underfloor heating or electric radiators. 

  • I have a wireless thermostat. Will a Nest work with my heating system? 

As you already have a wireless thermostat installed then it is likely that the Nest Thermostat will work with your heating system.

  • Is the Nest Thermostat wireless? 

The connection between the thermostat and the Heat link is wireless. The Nest Thermostat does require power and this is provided either via the heat link that is sold with the device, a usb plug and power lead sold with the nest stand or via an extra low voltage supply from your property.

  • I don’t have a power supply at the location I want the thermostat installed, what are my options?


Under our standard installation, best thing would be to install the Nest on a stand which costs £35. The stand can be placed on an occasional table, dresser of shelf and will work as optimally as if the thermostat was installed on a wall.

Nest Stand
  • I want the thermostat installed on the wall but I don’t have a wire with a power supply at that location?


This is a non-standard installation; our engineer will advise work that would need to be done. There will be a charge for any additional installation works that are not part of the standard installation service. No additional work will begin before its agreed.

  • I am not very technical. Is it easy to use?

Yes! The Nest Thermostat learns your behaviours in your property and it reacts. The level of interaction required is minimal. You can leave it to manage your heating without programming a schedule.

  • I have my own new or second hand unit, can you fit it?

We only offer Nest Learning Thermostat installations when the thermostat is purchased from us. This ensures we provide the highest quality product and installation experience

  • I have more than 2 thermostats. How do I make a purchase?

Multiple thermostats (more than two) is commonly known as multi zoned heating. Replace one, some or all of your thermostats. One Nest thermostat can replace one existing thermostat. Contact us to talk about your requirements. 

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Which trade is a
Nest Pro?

Nest Pro is a designation given to select companies that have been evaluated and accredited by Google to install, set up, and sell the Nest products. 

Familiar with Nest products they can install them quickly and easily. By opting for a Nest Pro installation, you gain access to an extended warranty from Google, providing added peace of mind

In addition to the standard UK business requirements of any registered company qualifications are also required. Although not statutory the BS 7671 will set the standard for how electrical installations should be completed by an electrician in the UK and enables compliance with the law.

Some installs fall into the scope of requiring a competent or skilled person. For example to removing a non decorative boiler cover.

A Nest Pro is the best way to ensure your Nest is installed correctly and that you’re getting the most out of it. 

Supply & Install Nest Learning Thermostat

Install Only Nest Learning Thermostat

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